Book review - Engrossing Thriller: Mukul Deva's RIP

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Title: RIP
Language: English
Author: Mukul Deva
Genre:  Fiction - Mystery & Detective
Publisher: Westland (2012)
ISBN - 10: 9382618198
ISBN-13: 9789382618195
Binding: Paperback
Price: Rs. 200 (Buy from Flipkart for Rs.150)
Pages: 298


It is not often that we review books, but some simply call for attention. So this one by one of the best fiction writers in the country, Mukul Deva. I have heard about his other books before, but never managed to get a hand on them due to my busy schedule, however when BlogAdda offered the book for review, I was among the first to sign up. And boy, he doesn't let us down. This book is a take on the current fluid democratic system in the country and the maladies plaguing it. A page turner from the first page, this is one novel you must read!!

Detailed Review: 

The story begins on page one. No introductory backgrounds for this one. A daring assassination plot is in its final stages in not one, not two but three different cities across India.  The quarry are high profile politicos and their benefactors. The time is now, India as a democracy is faltering due to the corruption, nepotism and blatant rape of the motherland, and it is left to a select group of Individuals who call themselves The Resurgent Indian Patriots (RIP) to lead an awakening among the masses.

At the heart of the story is Colonel Krishna Athawale, now retired, of the 19th Para-troopers of the Indian army, who loses his wife to one of the rescuers own bullets, in a successful operation of getting back a hijacked airline. He along with his team (the K-Team) plot a daring set of plans to strike at the root of corruption in the political system.

The story progresses at a rapid pace and brings this the Colonel face to face with his bete-noire Captain Raghav (also retired) in a thrilling finale which will blow your mind away!

The narrative is crisp and free flowing. There is also a romantic side-story which I believe could have been done away with completely without taking anything away from the story. The language is very easy to follow without any technical jargon as some of the novels today have. The characters of the book are relatable as well easy to connect with. The use of contemporary names and political backgrounds of most of the characters does make it a very likeable read, especially since the mood of the nation is one where a cleansing of the political offices is something we look forward to.

One also gets the feeling that the author is a Vigilante at heart :D

StoryR.I.P. The Resurgent Indian Patriots. Self appointed guardians of a nation seething with anger at the endless scams and scandals rocking its very foundation. Vigilantes who vow to stop corrupt politicians and colluding civil servants. Even if it means killing them. Colonel Krishna Athawale and his team of Special Forces officers rally to protect the country from the enemy within. They call themselves the K-Team. And no one is safe from their deadly intent. Hellbent on stopping them is Raghav Bhagat, rogue para commando, gun for hire and Krishna’s bĂȘte noir. Caught in the crossfire is Vinod Bedi, Special Director CBI. Reena Bhagat, a glamorous news anchor, embittered by her husband’s betrayal. And two young boys, Sachin and Azaan, torn apart by the loss of a parent. It doesn’t get bigger.


  1. The biggest positive is the easy language which will keep the reader engrossed from start to finish.
  2. The story which has every twist and turn you can imagine and more!
  3. As many of his previous novels have won popular and critical acclaim, so is this one going to be an all time best seller!
  4. The story is a fictional one .Still ,the references are so direct that it leaves nothing to imagination.
  5. It doesn't confuse you, despite the insane amounts of intricacy this particular genre can involve. 
Negatives: A bollywood story line is the only thing that can put you away from this book. A previous novel of the author will be soon made into a bollywood movie. Perhaps inspired by that, the story of this one has made some detours, providing for romantic interludes amidst the fast paced action/mystery/thriller.
Who will enjoy this? - Everyone!!

Buy or Don’t Buy? –  Definite buy from me. Flipkart at the moment is even giving a Rs.50  discount on the cover price.

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