Book Review of Eragon

Saturday, October 20, 2007 Vishaal 0 Comments

Want a great book with loads of action and suspense to keep you at the edge of your seat? I thought this book was amazing from the beginning to the end, it leaves me wanting more!

Throughout the book there was suspense building up every step of the way. This fantasy book really was exciting; I always wanted to find out what would happen next. In my opinion, just about anyone who likes Fantasy books would enjoy this because it is a great book with suspense, action, and surprise.

The story starts off with a boy hunting for food. Unfortunately, he is unsuccessful and finds no food; however, he finds a mysterious stone in an area called The Spine. He tries to sell the stone to a man named Sloan; this man happens to hate his family and refuses to sell it to him. Roran, who is Eragon’s cousin, happens to be in love with Sloan’s daughter. Eventually Eragon gives up on trying selling the stone and saves it in case it would be useful for later. In a matter of time the stone starts to shake. Eragon is curious about this, and then he finds out that it is actually a dragon egg, and it has just hatched! Eragon first has trouble naming his dragon, until he asks, "Are you Saphira?" She looked at him with intelligent eyes. Deep in his mind he felt her satisfaction. This shows Eragon that his dragon is pleased with this name.

However, there is something very special about this dragon… It is the only one that has hatched since the evil king, Galbatorix. This evil king was once one of the Dragon Riders, which are those that are sworn to defend the world from evil; however he had lost his dragon. After the Dragon Riders had denied him another dragon, he was corrupted by madness, and had joined evil. Eragon makes it his destiny to become one of the Dragon Riders, and fights off many evil forces in which are allied with Galbatorix.

This book is quite different from many others of its genre in my opinion, this is because most Fantasy books have not enough suspense and you can usually tell what is going to happen. This book was different; it was very suspenseful and in some parts actually had me expecting the opposite of what actually happened. Of any book I have read, I would probably compare this to a book called “The Rage.” These books seem a lot different because in The Rage it is about a man who is sworn to slay dragons, however in this book, it is quite the opposite and the characters have deep relationships with dragons. The author used many techniques that help understand a character better in this book. For example, rather than always showing Eragon’s dialogue, it also shows many of his thoughts as well. Other than that, the author had many other techniques throughout the story, such as a flashback that told a story that went into much detail about the Galbatorix and the Dragon Riders.

I have greatly enjoyed this book, and I bet you will too. I’m not even into many Fantasy books, but I still liked this one! If you want a book that will keep you reading and wanting more, then you certainly won’t go wrong with reading Eragon!