Aamchi Mumbai ...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005 Vishaal 0 Comments

What is so different about this city. Apart from being the HUB of Indian economy and its backbone it has something that attracts people from all over India and all over the world. I remember the first time I landed in Mumbai ( 1994-95 ) was amazed by the tall structures, the crowd, the fast moving life, the fast moving LOCAL trains and all that was out there...

Slow and steady, as one might observe, got adjusted to the lifestyle and although was in High school, didn't miss an opportunity to enjoy a Metropolitan life ;-). It was a like a festival trying to travel in Mumbai, with the local trains overflowing, and all you had to do was stand on the platform to be sucked into the train compartment by the crowd. Same goes while getting down on a stop. The Central and Western (esp) were pretty bad (dunno if it still remains).

Heard some news last week, that the Govt.'s refurbishing and giving them a good/new look, cushion seats and more spacious I believe, it was a much needed uplift. Talking about people and crowd, the New Bombay region was experiencing an inflow of people, with HUGE development projects going on in that part of Mumbai, everyone started thinking of the future with the Govt backing them up.
It was fun living out there but then I didn't like the commute and the pollution caused by inefficient burning of garbage? Mere thought of going to VT or Bandra would send shivers through my spine. I hope the public realize the need and the importance of a clean environment and would start following how DELHI has started to recover. How far this goes needs to be seen, I am optimistic, though.

And now in Belgaum, its a different world altogether. But I wont like to opine much 'cause it would be comparing Apples to Oranges. I love the life out here in Belgaum, the easy come easy go life, occasional hurry here and there, the night life. The climate of course is totally different. It is already in the 14-15 deg C range while Mumbai is hot as an oven. I do wish to see how the city has developed since my last visit and am dying to go back for a vacation.