Time Merciless - Finite Moments

Wednesday, September 05, 2018 Vishaal 0 Comments

How many times have you sat wondering about the merciless, ever-increasing speed at which time is whizzing past your head?

I often find that life is getting more and more dramatically hectic, a hole day in which I used to achieve so much more, learn so much more, get so many more things done is now just a blip on some sort of a personal event horizon!  And now, based on some rumination, I feel it snot going to slow down anytime soon - unless I plan to retire from the humdrum of routine work for a livelihood!

What I realise now is that it is the perception of time that is speeding up. You see, when I was a kid, bright eyed, clean slate, not a care in the world, ready to be programmed and molded, say at 10 years of age - the next year of life would have been a whopping 10% of my life experience. That is a huge, ginormous number!! Fast forward to today - I am a thirty-nine-year-old, slightly worn at the edges, cynical,over-committed human being who is relishing the many battles still to come my way. The next year will make up just 2.5 percent of my experience and, once over, will be deposited promptly into the database of my life alongside all the other previous years. It’ll be seen as a hell of a quick one. And the next one will be even quicker.

What do I do now? I am still bound by the rhythm of this society that is in chaos - an ever growing moral and emotional chaos - that just keeps drifting faster and faster. These and other thoughts keep growing, the ever rapid pace of technological advancements, our need to adapt, the social media that has encroached into every nook and corner of our lifestyles - all add to the panic. How then do we bring sense to our lives?

Here's what I make of all this. I look at life as a collection of some good (hopefully some ecstatic) moments in a sea of averageness – and sometimes downright misery. I try to make those moments meaningful. I try to be aware every time I experience something good in life. I try freezing that point in the space-time continuum – no matter how brief it might be.

You’re drinking a glass of water: don’t forget to remind yourself how wonderful every sip is. You’re embracing a person you love: love every second. You’re re-shaping the country’s health care: step away in your mind and appreciate how blessed you are.

There are a finite number of moments in which you feel you can defeat the merciless march of time. Make them count.


Keep your infant safe

Wednesday, September 05, 2018 Vishaal 0 Comments

Winter often means an increase in the number of babies dying from sudden infant death syndrome. That's usually because parents place extra blankets or clothes on infants. Here are some tips:
  • Unless there's a medical reason, infants should sleep on their backs on a firm mattress without blankets or fluffy bedding under or over them.
  • Be careful with extra clothing because it may cover the infant's nose and mouth.
  • If a blanket is necessary, put it no higher than a baby's chest and make sure the blanket is tucked under the crib mattress.
  • The crib should not have pillows and stuffed toys, and the temperature in the baby's room should feel comfortable to an adult.
  • Don't smoke around a baby.
  • Make sure everyone who cares for a baby knows that infants should be placed to sleep on their backs.