Deceitful claim

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Every one hasn't said yes to OBC quota

THE disingenuousness of Human Resource Development Minister Arjun Singh and his factotums, it would seem from their latest disinformation campaign, is limitless. On Thursday ministry officials told media persons that private aided deemed universities have voluntarily agreed to implement Singh’s plan to set aside 27% seats OBC candidates.Sections of the media dutifully put out what is now established as nothing but wilful disinformation to shore up the minister’s faltering case.

To begin with, representatives of only a few deemed universities were called for a meeting where they are believed to have accepted Singh’s proposal, of course, with certain conditions. By no means can these deemed universities be taken as a representative body of the 60 such private, unaided institutions across the country.

The exercise is reprehensible as the Centre is yet to legislate on this matter. In recent weeks, the Supreme Court has made certain observations about caste quotas that have caused discomfort to the government.

Was Thursday’s meeting a move to influence the Supreme court? In any event, the claimed “agreement” does not tell the full story, either. For instance, the representatives of the deemed universities who we present at the meeting have made it clear that they will require both time and resources to implement the OBC quota. In a sense, the obnoxious attempt to coerce private deemed universities and institutions of higher education to fall into line with the minister’s thinking reflects poorly on the prime minister’s ability to keep his colleagues, especially those from the Congress, on a tight leash. The prime minister would do his party and the nation a great favour if he were to summon the courage to tell Arjun Singh to lay off from causing further damage to education and educational institutions.

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camelpost said...

BITS Pilani and Tagore Gitanjali
The country "where the mind is without fear" is the only country in which true scholarship can engage with the great issues of society. Are we losing that country?
Its time for every Indian to read Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore's Nobel prize winning poem and appreciate the stand taken by Ekla Chalo Re BITS Pilani, in the context of reservation fire raging the length and breadth of the nation.

'Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high"

While various deemed universities said that they would wait, watch and ultimately toe the government line, BITS Pilani's bold stand that it would not implement quotas and reservations in admissions shook the conscience of the nation. For BITS Pilani, courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Its for nothing Andrew Jackson said "One man with courage makes a majority".

"Where knowledge is free"

BITS Pilani is a privately funded institution playing an eminent role in the nation building task at par with the IITs and the government of India as well as all its agencies must ensure that autonomy for admissions, fees charged, curriculum design, faculty recruitment etc are not encroached and eroded.

"Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls"

BITS Pilani has ensured the creation of a classless, casteless society and thousands of BITS alumni take pride in identifying themselves as Indians and not belonging to any caste, religion or language.

"Where the words come out from the depth of truth"

BITS Pilani had no hesitation in stating that students who take admissions through a criterion other than merit would find it difficult to pursue higher education and as such would be a drain on the system.

"Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection"

BITS Pilani believes that any departure from merit will only end up deemed or otherwise universities becoming doomed universities.

"Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit"

To ensure homogeneous input in higher education, BITS Pilani has emphatically stated that merit and nothing but merit should be the only criterion for admission.

'Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action"

BITS Pilani has said what millions of Indians wanted to say by saying that the Government and Society at large must focus on Primary education and schooling system by giving special attention, care, concern, scholarship and coaching so that candidates of weaker sections can compete with other students and become worthy citizens of the nation.

"Into that heaven of freedom my Father, let my country awake"

Will our country awake, will our country awake, will our country awake ............

camelpost said...

Everyone may be singing the song below thinking that Future is indeed shocking

Wisdomless Politicians
Meritless Admissions

Meaningless Curriculums
Substance less Examinations

Faculty less Departments
Student less Colleges

Principal less colleges
VC less Universities

Knowledgeless Society
Developmentless Nation

Into that hell of gloomdom
My Father, let my country go to Sleep
let my country go to Sleep.....

but BITS Pilani believes just not in forseeing future but in enabling it. Future indeed belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams and BITS Pilani converts each of its dream to a goal by adding a deadline.

While a group of deemed universities including some prestigious ones on Thursday Oct 26, 2006 backed HRD Minister Arjun Singh's move for reservation in unaided institutes, BITS, Pilani, strongly opposed it. BITS, Pilani was invited but could not attend the meeting. In fact the institute has already submitted a note to the ministry expressing its views on reservation of seats in admissions for the weaker sections.

For BITS, Pilani merit which is so vital to ensure homogenous input into the higher education system must be the only criteria for admissions and that can not be compromised.

BITS Pilani has always been a Leader who Knows the Way, Goes the Way, and Shows the Way.


Who let the cat out?

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Film : Garfield 2
Cast : Bill Murray, Breckin Meyer, Jennifer Love Hewitt
Director : Tim Hill

A WISE guy of a friend once told me, “How would you feel if I told you I dont like Calvin and Hobbes?” I almost choked. As words failed me, staring incredulously was all I could do. The wise guy goes on: “Thats how I feel when you keep telling me you don’t like Garfield.” Oops, the secret is out! Non-Garfield worshipper in the house. But seriously, how can you compare Garfield with Calvin and Hobbes ? Before this comic argument assumes Asterix vs Tintin proportions (we all know Asterix is far better), let us turn to Garfield 2 , the movie.

When they decided to make another of those comic strips into a live action movie two years ago, fans would have groaned. How could they get a cat actor that looks anything like the greediest cat in the world? The makers went in for CGI, and bad CGI at that, too. But largely due to the vocal talents of Bill Murray in the title role, the movie made enough money to warrant a sequel. Groan! The incredibly dumb Jon (played with utmost boredom by Breckin Meyer) decides to follow his girlfriend Liz (the cute Hewitt trying to look too cute and ending up as not) to London. Garfield, and that insult to caninedom, Odie, hide in the baggage. In the Queens land, Prince (Tim Curry), the pet of a late insanely rich lady, inherits her entire estate. The evil nephew Lord Dargis (Billy Connolly doing a terrible version of John Cleese) wants Prince to meet the God of Cats as soon as possible so he can get the moolah. Garfield and Prince accidentally switch places. And the movie drags along as only one with two terribly fat cats can.

Bill Murray tries his best to keep this madhouse afloat, but even he sounds bored. It doesn’t help when his co-actors together cook up the blandest possible dish. None of comic creator Jim Davis’ acerbic wit (you have to give credit where its due) is on display.


Zone Of Confusion

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The ‘Zone of confusion’ is whether it should be a “Farmer's rights” or an “economic devolution’ or ‘start - stop’ the national advance. It seems our economist PM is following the last two choices echoing “his madam’s voice” by asking ten northern states to go slow on offering sops to SEZs.

What is good for the country economically need not be good politically as the latter is dependent on vote banks. Here sops are sops whether in cash or kind. Unfortunately, the UPA is headed by Congress political opportunists and is being ‘controlled’ by Marxist’s and ‘regulated’ by southern separatists.

>It is unable to follow a uniform policy in developing the nation as a whole. Bihar and Orissa are a case in point. The PM has not shown/expressed any anxiety over the uneven growth of states due to political constraints.

Free electricity to farmers of Punjab, AndhraPradesh and TamilNadu, the last extending it to two rupee a kilo of rice, free colour TV, free gas connections with gas stoves and to crown them all two acres of land to landless have been implemented.

These are not sops but philanthropy which is a form of paternalism! Control and regulated principles are needed to sustain the competitive economic zones world as rightly pointed out in your edit.

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Truth behind India’s Intelligence Bureau (IB)

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125 pxImage via Wikipedia

Maloy Krinshna Dhar, an author of Open Secrets—India’s Intelligence Unveiled says “An average IB officer does not even know the difference between various explosive devices and triggering mechanism”. This puts a question mark on Indian intelligence. Indian intelligence tends to ascribe every disturbance to a particular section of society without any concrete evidence and according to Dhar this should not come as a surprise as both the IB and RSS share the same ideology.

Various issues are revealed in this work. As one reads the book, one feels insecure as in today’s world privacy has become an alien concept. Often in a number of cases “the unscrupulous officials of the IB, R&AW and the CBI blackmail the innocent citizens”.

The book exposes the various methods employed by Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi to maintain the status quo and to suppress all rebellions. Indira Gandhi used the IB to curb all opposition, and to spy on her elder daughter-in-law Maneka Gandhi.

The book exposes the involvement of the various political leaders in the demolition of the Babri Masjid. The date chosen by the Hinduvta leaders for the destruction of Babri Masjid i.e. 6th Dec coincides with the destruction of Somanth Temple by Mahmud Gazani in 1025 A.D.

Dhar offers a powerful critique of Indian democracy and says “Some sort of free election alone does not make a country democratic. It is a bold book and one should read it to get an insight into the dirty, corrupt, and deceitful world of politics. We should know the fact. If you are interested to read complete book review, you can read here.

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Not as good as its predecessors

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ONE thing that is clear straight up is that this collection of short stories by Jeffrey Archer is no Quiver Full of Arrows or Twelve Red Herrings. Cat O Nine Tales by Jeffrey Archer (Pan Books, Pages: 253, Price: Rs 270) is a collection of short stories, some of which will keep you entertained and others that will have you just flip through. All the stories are based the tales that were related to Jeffrey Archer while he was incarcerated in various prisons. The first story of the collection, though meant to grab your attention leaves you wondering what the whole point was.

Subsequent stories do manage to hold some water with the reader, like the story of the man who wanted to get rid of his wife and uses his knowledge water-borne disease as a means to finish. I guess what really comes in the way of every hardcore Jeffrey Archer fan is the fact that these stories are not a figment of his creative imagination but rather stories of the his inmates while serving at the prison. One thing is for sure, you are bound to learn a lot on the daily affairs of British prisons.

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Afzal’s Clemency Plea

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After Angulimala, the notorious murderer met Buddha. He was most repentant of all the sins he had committed. Even though he was sure people would not forgive him, he took the refuge and was ordained into the Shangha as bhikhus Ahimsaka.

One day Ahimsaka returned from begging, covered with blood and barely able to walk. He explained that some people had recognized him as the former Angulimala and battered him, he did not resist but joined his hands and allowed them to vent their hatred and anger thinking that may be his sufferings may will rinse away all the suffering he had caused in the past.

Bhikkhus Ahimsaka made greater effort than any other bhikkhu before him so that even the Buddha was astonished and impressed by his transformation.
...What has Mohammed Afzal done to deserve clemency?...

King Pasenadi who was out with a battalion of soldiers hunting for the murderer Angulimala, was shocked and horrified to realize that the notorious murderer was non other than bhikkhus Ahimsaka.

As was the custom, the king offered the bhikkhu food, robes and medicine and granted him a royal pardon. The question you should have asked is: What has Mohammed Afzal done to deserve clemency? Not, whether he deserves clemency. As the newspaper accounts go, he is not even repentant for what he has done.

Protests against the death sentence given to Afzal Guru can happen only in an emotional country such as India. The person who masterminded the plan to capture Indian Parliament and thus shake the world’s largest democracy is being sympathised. Several people including the Chief Minister are urging for clemency.

Pardoning Afzal Guru will help terrorists garner mileage to jeopardise the democratic system.

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Baba Ramdev - Yoga Guru ?

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Cardomom plantImage via Wikipedia
Baba Ramdev has a great influence over a great part of India
His teachings - Yoga, pranayam and Ayurvedic medicines have caused a great stir among the general population.Most of them claim to have obtained great benefits from following his teachings.

...what do u think of this ancient Indian method of teatment...

I personally feel instead of teching yoga and stuff he wastes more time in asking people not to go to the doctors. Nobody knows if he is using the proper technique for yoga. Has he received any formal training for yoga?Has he got any supervision system in place? What about the people who blindly mimick him in front of their TV sets?

Ramdev is certainly an insignificant preacher of a very Siginificant discipline i.e. Yoga.Yoga is an epitome of ancient scientific practices with tried and tested methods.And yes we dont have to get stamped from west everytime when we are pioneers in this field.

What turns me off about Ramdev is his love for popularity , and then misuse of that popularity ,advocation of accessory non-yoga ideas which lack scientific basis , using show-down of Medical science as a yardstick to advocate his greatness , indirect demeaning attitude towards modern medical science which demoralises the crucial and critical patients to use it for their own good.

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