Baba Ramdev - Yoga Guru ?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006 Vishaal 1 Comments

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Baba Ramdev has a great influence over a great part of India
His teachings - Yoga, pranayam and Ayurvedic medicines have caused a great stir among the general population.Most of them claim to have obtained great benefits from following his teachings.

...what do u think of this ancient Indian method of teatment...

I personally feel instead of teching yoga and stuff he wastes more time in asking people not to go to the doctors. Nobody knows if he is using the proper technique for yoga. Has he received any formal training for yoga?Has he got any supervision system in place? What about the people who blindly mimick him in front of their TV sets?

Ramdev is certainly an insignificant preacher of a very Siginificant discipline i.e. Yoga.Yoga is an epitome of ancient scientific practices with tried and tested methods.And yes we dont have to get stamped from west everytime when we are pioneers in this field.

What turns me off about Ramdev is his love for popularity , and then misuse of that popularity ,advocation of accessory non-yoga ideas which lack scientific basis , using show-down of Medical science as a yardstick to advocate his greatness , indirect demeaning attitude towards modern medical science which demoralises the crucial and critical patients to use it for their own good.

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  1. The fact is that, the authenticity of the treatments should be checked because most tourists return from India under the impression that a massage with herbal oils is called Indian ayurveda treatment, while the fact is that it is only a part of entire treatment process.