A Tough Couple of Years

Thursday, July 01, 2021 Vishaal 0 Comments


The past two years have been tough. The Chinese virus has ravaged the world not sparing India as well. The multiple lockdowns between March 2020 and May 2021 and partial unlocks in between meant a fresh perspective on what is essential in life and what is not. 

The children were a strength during these difficult period and they made us mom and dad proud by not being unnecessarily fussy with their requests. I cannot thank my luck enough for having them in my life. The work was majorly online and continues to be so. Teaching students on computer screens is not an easy task. I am unable to make out if they are learning stuff without seeing them and understanding their body language.

Yet, two batches of students have graduated  during the past year and another batch will do so soon. It is an interesting experience and I wonder how the students are coping up.

On the personal front, I lost dad in November and since them I am finding it difficult to cope up. This decade started with some bright ideas for the future and seems to have knocked the wind out of me already. 

I am not one to give up though and wish to document my life daily from today.