Friday, July 02, 2021 Vishaal 0 Comments

 As people, most of us abhor change. The turbulent changes of the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe have put many on edge. Be it an irksome inability to move around freely or the uneasy feeling of staying with the same people for months together.

I am an introvert. My natural environment is to remain alone as often as possible and revel in my thinkings. The coronavirus pandemic induced lockdowns should ideally have been a godsend. Unfortunately, it has worked the other way. My wife and kids are extroverts by nature and being locked in with them has played havoc with my thought process and I yearn for some me time.

With Karnataka unlocking, I will now be able to go to my workplace more frequently and this should help me identify with myself again. 

The family will move in with my mom who now is all alone.  Another change that is bound to create friction within. The kids will not like this change anymore than the wife. Yet, Change is the only constant!