Zone Of Confusion

Tuesday, October 24, 2006 Vishaal 0 Comments

The ‘Zone of confusion’ is whether it should be a “Farmer's rights” or an “economic devolution’ or ‘start - stop’ the national advance. It seems our economist PM is following the last two choices echoing “his madam’s voice” by asking ten northern states to go slow on offering sops to SEZs.

What is good for the country economically need not be good politically as the latter is dependent on vote banks. Here sops are sops whether in cash or kind. Unfortunately, the UPA is headed by Congress political opportunists and is being ‘controlled’ by Marxist’s and ‘regulated’ by southern separatists.

>It is unable to follow a uniform policy in developing the nation as a whole. Bihar and Orissa are a case in point. The PM has not shown/expressed any anxiety over the uneven growth of states due to political constraints.

Free electricity to farmers of Punjab, AndhraPradesh and TamilNadu, the last extending it to two rupee a kilo of rice, free colour TV, free gas connections with gas stoves and to crown them all two acres of land to landless have been implemented.

These are not sops but philanthropy which is a form of paternalism! Control and regulated principles are needed to sustain the competitive economic zones world as rightly pointed out in your edit.

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