Afzal’s Clemency Plea

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After Angulimala, the notorious murderer met Buddha. He was most repentant of all the sins he had committed. Even though he was sure people would not forgive him, he took the refuge and was ordained into the Shangha as bhikhus Ahimsaka.

One day Ahimsaka returned from begging, covered with blood and barely able to walk. He explained that some people had recognized him as the former Angulimala and battered him, he did not resist but joined his hands and allowed them to vent their hatred and anger thinking that may be his sufferings may will rinse away all the suffering he had caused in the past.

Bhikkhus Ahimsaka made greater effort than any other bhikkhu before him so that even the Buddha was astonished and impressed by his transformation.
...What has Mohammed Afzal done to deserve clemency?...

King Pasenadi who was out with a battalion of soldiers hunting for the murderer Angulimala, was shocked and horrified to realize that the notorious murderer was non other than bhikkhus Ahimsaka.

As was the custom, the king offered the bhikkhu food, robes and medicine and granted him a royal pardon. The question you should have asked is: What has Mohammed Afzal done to deserve clemency? Not, whether he deserves clemency. As the newspaper accounts go, he is not even repentant for what he has done.

Protests against the death sentence given to Afzal Guru can happen only in an emotional country such as India. The person who masterminded the plan to capture Indian Parliament and thus shake the world’s largest democracy is being sympathised. Several people including the Chief Minister are urging for clemency.

Pardoning Afzal Guru will help terrorists garner mileage to jeopardise the democratic system.

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