Little things

Thursday, September 02, 2004 Vishaal 0 Comments

Have you ever sat at a coffee shop and just observe people and your surroundings? Drop all thoughts bothering you, just imagine that you aren’t there and try to take in everything around you. It’s like you are stuck in the moment. The cars driving by outside seems so out of focus. The smell of freshly grounded coffee in the air. The slightly tilted neck of the girl reading a book sitting at a table next to me. The chatter of people across the room.

A dishevel stack of The Hindu on an empty table. An old man reading his magazine. The movement of the thambis with their towels on the shoulders. The voice of MS playing in the background. The rain drops tapping of the window, forming bigger droplets then sliding down, almost as if it is measuring the passage of time.

There’s a certain tranquility and beauty just watching the gloomy weather outside. I never thought I would start liking the rain in Bangalore, but I do. As much as I like sunshine, I find an indescribable comfort in the slight hint of melancholic mood that rain provides. I reached out for my coffee, filter coffee to be exact, feeling the warm surface of the paper sleeve on the cup, took a little sip.

Sometimes it’s the little things that touches you.