Punctured !!!

Friday, September 19, 2008 Vishaal 1 Comments

The roads in Manipal and Udupi are in such a bad state, that , it is very risky to travel on them. Add to that, the increasing traffic on this route and you are sure to witness an accident or two every day. Yesterday it was almost my turn. I had gone to the railway station at Indrali, and while returning with Swathi after booking the tickets, the rear tyre got a huge puncture. I almost skidded onto an oncoming truck. Luckily for me, the vehicle was coming at a slow pace (owing to the horrible, potholed roads) and I managed to drive us to safety.

I wonder does the District Collector require a huge office that's coming up near the End Point, when the same amount could be spent on repairing these roads to hell??

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  1. Try to set up your office near End point. Thats life all about in India. :)