How To Achieve your Personal goals and Objectives?

Thursday, August 05, 2010 Vishaal 0 Comments

 I came across this blog post by David Risley titled The Circles of Life. It got me wondering as to how do we go about achieving our personal goals after we set them? A quick search on google, gave me a huge list of sites telling you how to set your personal goals, but I couldn't find any that adviced me how to achieve my personal goals.

So here is my take on how to achieve personal goals.

Keep Your Self-Talk Positive:

I believe that it is essential to keep your personal goals to yourself. We might need to disclose this only to a select few people who are essential for the achievement of personal development goals. This is so because often the people around you cannot relate to your personal goals and may try to  undermine your ideals.

Each day review your personal goals again, especially those that you have already achieved! This will help you stay positive,  just visualize your completed goal - it might be your pay check which shows a bonus or may be you lost some weight on your new diet and exercise regimen, a new vehicle you bought. Then do the same before you go to bed. By doing this routinely you will feel much better about yourself and will get your sub-conscious working towards your personal goals and objectives.

Every time you make a decision during the day, ask yourself this question, "Does it take me closer to, or further from my goal." If the answer is "closer to," then you've made the right decision. If the answer is "further from," well, you know what to do.

If you follow this process everyday you will be on your way to achieving unlimited success in every aspect of your life.

What do you think? Is this the right approach?