The Hunt for Kohinoor: A book worth a read

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Title: The Hunt For Kohinoor
Language: English
Author: Manreet Sodhi Someshwar
Genre:  Fiction -   Suspense and Thriller
Publisher: Westland Publisher (2013 October)
ISBN - 10: 9383260602
ISBN-13: 9789383260607
Binding: Paperback
Price: Rs. 295 (Buy from Flipkart for Rs.199)
Pages: 432

Synopsis:  The Hunt For Kohinoor, is one of those suspense thrillers that makes a great one time read and keeps you yearning for more of this genre. I received the book at about 7 pm and was done with it within 10 pm and had to forgo my dinner as  the book simply wouldn't let me go! There are a few dull moments in the book, especially in the journey through Pakistan, but the narrative flows freely and keeps the mind occupied, imagining the scenic vistas through which the protagonist travels.
The Hunt for Kohinoor
The Hunt for Kohinoor

Detailed Review: 
 I am always partial towards a good mystery/suspense thriller and when Westland contacted me to write a review on The Hunt For Kohinoor by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar, I jumped at the opportunity and immediately said yes, despite the heavy workload at the office.

The story begins with a prelude, a child and her father are travelling through some of the toughest terrain and there is an attack by unknown people who snatch away the father from the child. It is later explained that this is just a dream, but the story forms the basis for many of the things that unravel through the book.

As we move on, this fast paced thriller , balances delicately the amount of background information on the character, without taking away from the developing plot. We have secret meetings between the prime-ministers of India and Pakistan over the prime focus of this book - The Kohinoor. Now what the Kohinoor is, is not exactly what we think it to be. The story progresses fast, the beautiful protagonist travels through some beautiful landscapes in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan in search of the elusive Kohinoor, on the way the secrets of her past and that of her father are unravelled in Bollywood picture style (in fact, this may come to a theatre near you as a bollywood blockbuster !!) , and though the end is slightly anti-climactic, this is one novel you will not mind having spent the time on!

Book blurb: 'The Hunt for Kohinoor' is a sequel to 'The Taj Conspiracy' which is a spine-chilling ninety-six hour hunt through the world's most dangerous terrain, where history collides with gunfire, for the elusive Kohinoor.


  1. Easy language and fast flowing plot.
  2. The wonderful narrative of the scenic countryside of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan!
  3. A plot that is easy to relate to, especially with the political turmoil in our neighbouring country! 
Negatives: A bollywood story line is the only thing that can put you away from this book. A somewhat anti-climactic end, that seems to be a please all. A slightly larger size to add depth to the characters might have been beneficial, as well as building a bit of a background to the plot. In some places the novel seems to be predictable.

Who will enjoy this? - People who love thrillers and conspiracy theories!!

Buy or Don’t Buy? –  Buy, but keep an open mind. Flipkart at the moment is even giving a Rs.96  discount on the cover price (Rs 199) and that should throw away any of your doubts. You can also purchase it on Amazon India (Rs 183) or Amazon Global ($9.90) (for people outside India).