Statutory warnings - a hypothetical threat?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 Vishaal 0 Comments

Right from the childhood days we all are aware of the warnings going around about Cigarettes, Liquors, Movies... But in spite of that, we were ready to take the risks involved - to find out what's it about these things that people are cautious about (or at least pretend to be cautious about). What were they keeping us (children) away from?

Take the case of Cigarettes. A doctors warning or a statutory warning goes along every pack. But still we have so many guys/gals smoking. I bet its because of the warning that they are trying it out... the more you try to keep him/her away... the more enticing it's gonna be.

Then comes... drinks.. who cares about the warning on each liquor bottle .. a hypothetical threat if one may call it... A big warning goes before you start drinking .. then we have responsible drinking, not driving after drinking and terms like DUI...

One wonders is it worth paying attention to them? It's like a Chess game I believe .. the whole game is controlled by hypothetical threats and possibilities that never happen, but which could have happened if you did otherwise. Yeah.. I mean that's why they keep smoking... and the smokers know that the warnings are nothing but BS.

Be careful though... the've started changing the warnings... But hey it's okay to include some while you post messages... 'cause then you know - this post must be read ( in a similar way that we used to try the ones that carry the Statutory warning!)