Saturday, July 12, 2014 Vishaal 0 Comments

The sky is releasing a torrent of emotions today as thunder rolls through the ever-changing clouds, chasing the fiery tentacles of lightning that leaves tantalizing streaks of brightness like the coaxing fingers of a lover. Heavy rain beats relentlessly on the roof, cascading down to the ferns and flowers in the backyard, tapping, tapping, steadily tapping to an ancient beat.

I love thunderstorms for their passionate displays, sometimes terrifying, sometimes mesmerizing-- but always awe-inspiring. Today, as the autumn rain descends from the obsidian heavens, I hear Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" in the melodious beats of the downpour. Yesterday, I heard the passionate crescendo of Ravel's "Bollero" as the flames of the scented candles in the living room danced wildly in the cool breeze that sifted through the open window...

And perhaps what I love most about thunderstorms is that they pass quickly, and the sun shines through again. I can almost hear the sigh of the earth below, refreshed, rejuvenated, languidly stretching in the warmth of a new beginning.