Only real merit counts

Tuesday, May 30, 2006 Vishaal 0 Comments

There is an old Kannada saying: “Tengina mara hattoranna; yeshtu mele antha tallokke agutte?”(How far can you push a man who wants to climb a coconut tree?) At some point of time man has to put in effort and climb up on his own merit. Support can be given only as far as and as high as supporting hands can reach. Only those who can ascend a tree on their own can pluck the coconut.

People who climb up with support from below can never ever make it to the top. The sad aspect is that they tend to cling to the tree and prevent genuine achievers from succeeding. Neither do they reach the top nor do they allow others to do so.

The solution is simple. Ditch that tree and climb another one. There is no dearth of trees. Opportunities are aplenty. And remember, only those who can climb up on their own strength will succeed.

As many as 2,500 years ago, Chanakya stated that every relationship is one of “give and take.” You don’t have to be patriotic if the king behaves like the cruel and careless Dhananada.

If you have the guts, courage and capabality of a Chanakya, then dethrone the king and put a good one in his place. If not, forget that kingdom and go on to another where your opinions are respected. And when the kingdom is filled with limpers, who do not know how to walk without crutches... Well, they can’t say they were not warned.