The Caste System

Monday, May 29, 2006 Vishaal 0 Comments

I AM amazed that while some people want the caste-based quota system abolished and the others want it strengthened, few have argued that the caste system itself should be banned. Does this mean that this horrendous practice has become so much ingrained in our psyche that we have come to accept it as inevitable?

I believe that both the so-called ‘forward’ and ‘backward’ castes are responsible for perpetuating this sin, the former because they have not conceded that there is no such thing as ‘forward’ and the latter because they continue to accept that they are ‘backward’.

Instead of discarding the caste system, both seem to be exploiting it, the ‘forward’ because it gives them a false sense of social superiority and the ‘backward’ because it provides them easy concessions.