Popular part time jobs for American girl students

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Part-time jobs for American students are very popular but usually begin during their high school days. Besides working in fast food restaurants and small cafeterias, there are few popular jobs for teenager in America.

One that has its greatest demand among teenage girls is baby sitting. A good baby sitter can earn quite a bit if she is dependable, responsible and mature. It is not necessarily an easy job and requires both social and general life skills A good baby sitter should know how to change diapers and earn the respect of the children she is watching. She must be able to get the children ready for bed and keep an eye on them even while they are sleeping. In addition, she should be able to handle any unexpected emergency with common sense and be calm at all times. She should know the emergency numbers of the hospital and police for situations which require assistance. Once the children are asleep the baby sitter is free to watch TV or listen to music. If she is really conscientious about her studies, she may spend the time doing homework but should not tie up the phone with personal calls just in case the parents want to be in contact with her. Such a job often involves working on Friday and Saturday nights when many married couples like to spend the night going to a movie or the theater. On such occasions they will leave their children in the care of a dependable baby-sitter.

Other part-time jobs which are popular especially among young boys is managing a paper route or mowing the lawns of people in one's neighborhood. These jobs also requires maturity and responsibility and can be a source of good income for a high school student. Young boys who run paper routes are required to get up early in the morning to deliver the daily news regardless of the weather. This job has no holidays and requires the newspaper to be delivered every day without exception. In America there are no newspaper holidays. If they choose to mow lawns, part of the job responsibilities may require that they also periodically rid it of weeds and occasionally re-seed areas which have been burned by the sun or thinned or thinned out by wear. During the winter a snowstorm can become another source of income for the teenager. The young boys make their rounds through their neighborhood equipped with a shovel and offer to clear sidewalks or stoops in front of homes or to dig out a car buried in a meter of snow. These jobs, dependent on the weather, require energy, carefulness, order and creativity.

While part-time jobs for high schools students may not be allowed in Japan, in American they are often seen as an opportunity to teach young people about work responsibility and respect for others. The young people learn how to become part of the adult world and to share in the making of society

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