The Matrix is already here

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 Vishaal 0 Comments

This may look like a devilish ploy but it is one way to bring the perseverance to an end ..
Sitting on the couch yesterday and watching Matrix I, II for the (Umpteen+1)th time, it crossed my mind - How many times can I watch this ? Am unable to find an answer but considering the fact that I've already seen this an Umpteen +1 times, it could very well be a multiple of the same.

Now, we may not be able to dodge bullets or land safely jumping from a highrise but tell you this - we all are plugged in. Into what? Plugged into the Matrix. The world that exists as mere screens. TV screens, computer screens, LCD screens - mere screens. The only difference is that Neo was plugged in physically through an attachment on the back of his head. We, on the other hand, are plugged in using gadgets like Cell phones, PDAs, Wireless, Laptops, TVs, Cameras, Navigations and what not. Slowly but steadilyy we are approaching what was depicted in MATRIX I,II,III.

Now-a-days if you see a person walking and plugged into a earpiece, you start thinking - wait a minute which gadget could it be? An Ipod, Cell phone hands free or a hearing aid or something else?? By the time you'd guess that he would be talking, smiling ... his words beamed as airwaves up to a nearby cell phone tower, to a satellite and back to Earth to some place in the other side of the Globe !!

What happens early morning?  Switch on the computer before even pursuing the daily routines, check emails, offlines, scraps and craps, blogs, tune into Radio - full blast, Itunes, Launchcast, IM, AIM, Sametime, Blackberry, TV ... sigh the list never ends!! In today's world (of a simulation of the MATRIX) our brains are instantly wired to other peoples brains thereby skipping the activity of talking, listening etc ... and we are content to leave people a message, for when they wake up .

Can we now imagine a world without emails, he he ....why do I ask right? How many times a day do you check emails? Forget it, dont even bother to answer that -you'd hang yourselves !! Some 20 years ago - people did not realise that they were in the MATRIX. It's only when the internet revolution kicked off in the mid 90s while we were in high school that people realized the importance of Tuning in. Tuning in to the MATRIX.

You can get an IM even while you are asleep and they collect them for you to be relayed while you tune in the next time. Your cell phone vibrates signalling the arrival of someone's brain that wants to talk to you the VERY MOMENT. High speed internet connection lets you stay in touch with your friends, send Smileys and Audibles even while you are at the airport, on a Bus or anywhere in the world.

Tell you - the MATRIX has gotten you!! Everyday life is not what it was 20 years back. Ask your dad and mom for further clarification. Yeah go ahead and use the cell phone . Or Chat on Yahoo or do whatever you do to talk to them ;-)

Because while you would be resting your body tonight trying to get 8 hours of Sunday sleep - your cell phone would collect voice mails, Inbox would collect emails from friends and foes, Your online buddies would bombard you with IMs awaiting your return. Your friends would crap/scrap in your scrapbooks, your Blog friends would shout and comment on your posts. You would then be startled in the morning by that Alarm (which you don't wanna snooze) only to get PLUGGED IN. You are now desperate to get connected to the E-world. As soon as you can. The E-world --- we would know in the future as THE MATRIX.