Creamy Drama

Friday, December 08, 2006 Vishaal 0 Comments

Reservations were meant to be a stop-gap measure. But the stop-gap has attained permanancy. Each party is trying to outdo the next in wooing the weak. Paradoxically they want the weak to remain weak. Taking a cue from their leaders, the weak call themselves weak, even though they have become strong.

Reservation is a dope. The more they get, the more persistent will be the cry for more, yet more. It is a game whose end is near . In spite of its sacredness, our Constitution has been amended many times to appease minorities in lots of cases and all the successive governments have perpetuated this farce for nearly six decades.

The harsh reality is: reservationists will never become part of the mainstream unless they discard the label.

It is time these people call a halt to th politicians game. They can take a leaf from the history of Parsis and bluntly refuse the quota that comes their way . This will ease social pressures, and help them gain respectability from power groups.

The only people who capitalise on reservations are fairly well-to-do Dalits and OBCs. They exploit the opportunities available and don’t even allow the government to look for alternatives to raise the downtrodden. They simply refuse to give up their privileges but shed crocodile tears for the Dalits and the dispossessed.