This Christmas Bedecking with Paper

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With Christmas around the corner it is time to get decorative in attire. And, what better than natural jewellery, that is amazingly eye-catching in prettiness?

The trinkets in question are of modest paper, made by Ms Juliet Neussl a Siolim resident settled for long in far-away Austria. Down for a small stay, the lady dropped in at office, obviously to publicise her wares prior to a 10-day long exhibition. But, nobody minded because she had something really original to offer.

Capable of drawing admiring gasps, the ornaments looked nothing like nondescript paper. On the contrary, the gold and silver neck pieces in the cache, shone as if they were in precious metals. While, the long and dangling earrings were equally bold in making a fashion statement. Quite a smart way to cut down expenditure in jewellery, these recessionary times, we all exclaimed.

Apparently, this is not the first time that Goans are being treated to the talented artist's line. There has been an exhibition before, one learns- in November 2007- which received "a very good response."

Eager to explain her work, Ms Neussl says, "I make art out of nothing. My jewellery is made from pieces of broken pots, glass or waste material." Further, "they are well-crafted, finished pieces sold in the European market with Greece as the biggest buyer," we are informed.

So, how did she land in Austria, a place with relatively few Indians? "In the eighties there were plenty of my friends migrating abroad. I wanted to be different and go somewhere unusual. So, coming across an advert for a gold-smith course, decided to opt for it," is the reply. In the course of time, marriage to a resident Austrian followed and now there is a family of three kids to go back to.

What about Goa, does she miss it? "Of course!" is the fervent response.What you have in Goa you can never get anywhere else in the world, says Ms Neussl before adding "it is the place where I feel most at home."

Thus like all expatriate Goans, our lady gold smith carries bottles of rechaddo masala in the suitcases for everybody in Austria which is polished off in no time. About her jewellery, our visitor signs off with, The ornaments on display are all made in my factory in Austria. In the future, I plan to spend more time in Goa. Perhaps, I may start manufacturing them here although there are no plans to start stocking them with local outlets for the moment."
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