Max on Life: The Book Review

Saturday, November 19, 2011 Vishaal 0 Comments

If you've read Max Lucado before, you know he has a unique, simplistic and descriptive style of writing. This helped to keep my attention as I read, but I still felt like the format got monotonous. It was difficult for me to keep jumping from question to question, topic to topic. My suggestion is to not read it straight through, but read "popcorn style" - jump around throughout the book sampling his thoughts on a variety of topics. There is also a handy topic and Scripture index to help you find direct help when you know what you're looking for.

The questions are very relatable. I have asked many of them myself. You probably have too. Sometimes I was satisfied with Max's answer but other times I felt like the answers were round-a-bout or politically indirect.

Here are a few sample questions:
#62. Why should we pray for help when God already has a plan? He's going to do His will anyway, so what difference does it make when we ask for healing for a friend, family member, or pet? Does prayer really change anything, or was the outcome already in God's plan?

#100. Some people say that being gay is a sin, and others say that it's okay if the person loves God. So does God hate homosexuals? Also, are the commandments in the Bible archaic, speaking more of the culture of that time and not necessarily ours today?

#128. Our family is exhausted. We run from one event to the next. How do we slow down?

#167. What of the people who never heard of God? How can God judge them for what they do not know?

Max On Life - Mr. Lucado takes the time to answers letters he has received over the years. He gives the reader insight on many problems they may be dealing with in their lives. I think it is a great book to have in your collection. Sometimes life problems can send us scrambling for answers... Max Lucado shows us GOD words are all the COMFORT we need.

What shines through each page is how pastoral these answers are. They are not the discourses of one theologian to another, nor are they simply feel-good self-help mantras. They are ordinary answers targeted to ordinary people, gentle, kind, soaked in Biblical wisdom, always looking to God's love & grace. Even though you probably will think, "Yes, I knew that..." at each answer, Lucado's way with words will cause you to pause, reflect, and see the truth just a bit more clearly.