A Year with God - Seems a long time

Saturday, November 19, 2011 Vishaal 0 Comments

This book is a daily Bible devotional based on the words of God from the Old
Testament. It is organized into sections such as Hope & Fear, Love & Hate, and Faith & Doubt. Each day lists a section of scripture that includes God's words to his people followed by a short reflection on this passage from the author.

As far as content, however, this book was only okay. The author uses many different Bible translations throughout the book, and I felt as if he/she was picking and choosing translations to what would fit his/her musings the best. I also thought that many of the contemplations about the scriptures fell rather flat and were not very thought-provoking.

By and large, I found the comments for each day interesting and often quite stimulating, though I would differ with his observation on the rainbow's original appearance. The take on Ham's sin was interesting, as well. You will need to purchase or borrow the book to see what he says!

I obviously didnt spend a year reading this, but chose instead to read a sampling of devotions from different days.As with most devotionals Ive encountered, this one lacked the meat that growing Christians long for in their study. This by no means should be used for a serious growing Christian solely as their only source of spiritual time for the day. The content just isn't there, but if you're looking for occasional encouragement and light reading, this will do