Double Standards

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SECULARISM is a word, which has been abused by our politicians, just to please a few because of their precious votes. It is hard to understand why people take so much pride in calling themselves minorities. Keeping up this trend the state government took up the issue of “The Da Vinci Code” with the Centre. It is an internal matter of the Christian community. But the government acted just to please the so called minorities. What stand did the government take against artist M F Hussain, who painted Hindu goddesses nude? Even after repeated protests, the government did not act just because he is from a minority community.

Does it mean that the majority community, the Hindus don’t have any value for their sentiments. In India’s history, we have seen the Mughals and then the Britishers rule the country, stamping on the religious sentiments of Hindus. Its the same today, with the so called minorities being silver spoon fed by our politicians. It is time the government stops adopting double standards towards Hindus and others or else a religious revolution is surely on the cards.

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