Endless Absurdity

Sunday, June 04, 2006 Vishaal 0 Comments

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Judging from the actions of Indian lawmakers lately, it appears that they are in the race to win an unannounced contest to decide who contributes most to taking India back to the medieval ages.

If one Union minister is not thrusting quotas in education down the country’s throat, another is sparing no opportunity to shrilly remind private industry that its turn is next. If over-eager chief ministers aren’t falling over each other in banning the screening of an innocuous film in their states, political goons are preventing other films from being released over perceived “insults”.

And to top it all, Parliament is passing laws to cover its own misdeeds and anyone who dares to question it is told “It’s Parliament’s right to pass laws”, never mind the need for propriety, morals and standards in public life.

My sentiments have been outraged over the long list of absurdities that our politicians have been indulging in. I think the demand for a ban on our political class as a whole is more than justified.

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