PM on Reservations

Sunday, June 04, 2006 Vishaal 0 Comments

Shri Arjun singh at 2006 JNV National Integrat...Image via Wikipedia
IT is indeed a matter of great shame that the country has to go through such turmoil just for the fancy of a few politicians like Mr Arjun Singh who should have retired long back. But what is more disheartening is the fact that this is all happening with the support of Dr Manmohan Singh. In one single stroke, he has lost all the respect that he had gained over the years as a ‘reformist’ leader who could take India to greater heights. Unfortunately, the Congress government is hell-bent on taking India backwards by a few centuries. Over the 50 years that the Congress has been ruling India, it is safe to say India is what it is, not because of the Congress party but despite of Congress party. As for our the Prime Minister, I am afraid that with the stand that he has taken, he has lost quite a lot of honor.

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