The Black And White Cricket World Cup !

Thursday, January 04, 2007 Vishaal 0 Comments

Sreesanth was fined by ICC for his action in the first Test against South Africa, in which India won the match convincingly. Sreesanth was over-enthusiastic to act like that, which looked quite natural.

Most of the members of the ICC ( Illogical Cricket Council) are Whites and they are bent on showing their superiority. In a way, they are not worried about cricket which is a ‘gentleman’s game.’ If the ICC continues to behave like an autocrat, it will split into ICC (B) and ICC (W), one for the Black and the other for the White. If that happens, it is good for the game of cricket.

Every couple of years, “Black and White World Cup” matches could be played, which would be quite interesting making the game more competitive.

Since Sharad Pawar is now eyeing for the ICC gaddi, it is up to him to change the mentality of the ICC or have it split into two. Being an astute politician, he can do that with ease.