Fans Of A Dictator

Sunday, January 07, 2007 Vishaal 0 Comments

It is ludicrous to see the CPM and other Left parties protesting against the execution of Saddam Hussein. They never uttered a word of protest when this tyrant brutally murdered hundreds of innocent men, women and children, and when his lascivious son molested young women.

The Indian Communists have always had and still have dictators as their idols. Anything American is anathema to them. On the other hand, the Congress exists in a bipolar world. The Congress-led UPA governments reaction was subdued.

All impartial people would agree that Saddam’s trial was neither fair nor free. However, the US and the UK were in a dilemma. Incarcerating him for life would have been dangerous for them. So the only option left was to execute him. Even the most perspicacious will not be able to predict the consequences of this action. Although a self-centered leader, he was not a fanatic and not too much aligned to religion. It is no joke to rule a country having three divergent and equally aggressive groups like Shias, Sunnis and Kurds for 24 long years. A country ruled by a dictator is bound to have some atrocity. Dictator Ziaul-Haq of Pakistan got Zulfikar Ali Bhutto hanged with the US remaining a mute spectator. The reason was that the dictator was toeing the policies of the US.

Now after Saddam’s death, will violence end?