One Country One People

Wednesday, January 10, 2007 Vishaal 0 Comments

Our pseudo-secular politicians hoodwink the common people who are not conversant with the Constitution and quote it every time as a guiding factor. This is akin to fanatical religious leaders insisting that a community must rigidly follow a ruling. If not, defaulters will be excommunicated.

If we analyse, India does not have a majority community, but many minority communities each with its own norms, some of which are contradictory and lead to conflicts. This situation is being capitalised by foreign terrorists with the support of traitors. Hence, the Supreme Court?s pointing out the perils of another Partition should be seriously considered and the cry should be
for national integration. Our politicians are inebriated with the power they obtain and enjoy by dividing communities. To prevent this, the Constitution should be suitably amended.

Though such a review was initiated by Vajpayee under the able guidance of M N Venkatachalaiah, nothing came of it.