A Dream in Hibernation

Monday, January 08, 2007 Vishaal 0 Comments

The Golden Quadrilateral project which was inaugurated with a lot of fanfare appears to have lost its sheen. The dream of Vajpayee now really appears to be a distant one. Corruption and nepotism seem to have taken root and nobody is worried about the project. It appears that it will not be completed even in the next generation.

Roads are the lifeline of a nation and they have been given the go-by in our country. If India really needs to compete with other countries, it is vital that the basic infrastructure is put in place. It is important at this stage that we do not let go of such projects. If we do so, we shall be doing it at our own peril.

Hope the government realises the utility of infrastructure, and, in particular, roads, if the country is to join the comity of developed nations.

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