What Hinduism means

Wednesday, January 10, 2007 Vishaal 0 Comments

It is an error to consider Hinduism as a religion in the conventional theocratic sense. It is not a credal religion, but a name invented by the various invaders.

The Shaivites or Vaishnavites, the Shakatya or the adherents of millions of obscure cults and the sum total of their cultural practices constitute Hinduism. At the philosophical level, Hinduism is a
religion of reason, and is pluralistic. The Hindu religion has no basic postulates. It is not based on one book, one guru or one philosophy.

It gives complete freedom to an individual to choose his way of life until he is convinced of the eternal truth. Although a Hindu, I'?ve been to church and prayed there peacefully after being invited to do so. I?ve also stood outside a mosque and found people praying there peacefully.