Arjavamarga - The Direct Path

Thursday, May 21, 2009 Vishaal 0 Comments

I always wanted to be a writer. Probably because, I think, I am a good reader. Books have been good friends for me. They do not discriminate between people. Whether an introvert (like me) or an extrovert, most people like to read books. I was introduced to reading at a very early age. My father used to subscribe to various magazines and bought children's novels home and would place them in front of me. He introduced me to the world of print, a magical place; a place where I could not be bullied because I was of small built; a place where I would not be shunned from because I refused to compromise with my principles; a place where something I said or did because it was the truth would not hurt others.

The written word mesmerized me, inculcated in me the need to respect other people, cultures and thoughts. It helped me in my academics - the books I read helped me with my history, geography, social studies and even science. (The one place they failed me where in Mathematics- which I find difficult even today).

It brought about an ardent desire in me to write. Write something which will be read by others. Others who would then be mesmerized, inspired and moved into putting their thoughts into words. Words which would come back to me. I would always look for something to write about. My English language teachers - Ms.Mohsina (Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bowenpally, Secunderabad) and then Mrs.Sudha Grover (Kendriya Vidyalaya, IIT Powai, Mumbai) - were extremely helpful in this respect.

Unfortunately, despite constant encouragement, I could not come up with any substantial effort and have not written anything of note. The writer in me wakes up every now and then, but the inertia accumulated over the past 30 years stops him from making an impact. This coupled with my procrastination have seen many a writing idea slip out of my mind into the realms of have been.

This is an attempt at finding the correct path - the Arjavamarga or Direct path to my dreams. I actually wanted to create this blog under the title -'A Clean Slate'- but since someone has already chosen to start with it, I will take the direct path.

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