Manipal Gets An Awesome Light and Sound Show

Saturday, May 09, 2009 Vishaal 0 Comments

Manipal Sound And Light Show Well as you can see from the picture above, I am not talking about the artificial man-made sound and light shows that are in vogue today. The only Light and sound show you get in Manipal, is, what the Pre Monsoon showers bring with them. There is an amazing display of Lightning bolts from the sky above followed by a deep rumbling and a thunderclap so loud, that the very ground beneath your feet starts to tremble. I for one have always been very frightened by these experiences since my early childhood and last night was no exception.

I had just finished watching the movie, Marley and Me, when the lights went out and there was the beginning of the show outside. I cowered inside my home and every peek outside heightened my fear of impending doom. The worst part was that there was a dog next door , which began howling away. It reminded me of Marley from the movie, however, in this case, it was bed time for me and it was not my dog!! I felt like i was in one of those B Grade Tulsi Ramsay movies like Chudail ka badla !!!