Potato Lovers @ Snack Shack

Saturday, May 09, 2009 Vishaal 1 Comments

One of the often visited restaurants in Manipal is the trendily named Snack Shack. What's odd about the naming is that , it is neither a shack in the true sense, and they serve stuff other than snacks. However this post is not about name calling. This is a post about the snack (if I can call it that) I like the most at this small town eatery.

Every time I visit this place, I have never given a miss to the dish they call 'Potato Lovers'. It is nothing very complicated and I believe there is no love involved in making it, but, it is the fastest selling snack at this shack. The potatoes are sliced into slender slices like French Fries and then fried in oil and then soaked in a tangy sweet and sour sauce, before they are, finally served with a garnishing of Tomatoes or Cabbage leaves or whatever Vegetable is lying in front of the Cook at that fortunate moment. It is served within 5 minutes of the order and If you are in a hurry, it is both a quick solution to your time constraints, and since the quantity served is quite large, your hunger problems as well.

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  1. aww..potato lovers and choco-banana shake at snak shak..miss those manipal days!!!
    -an ex-manipalite