Hair Cut With The Boss

Saturday, May 09, 2009 Vishaal 0 Comments

What do you do when,you walk into the Barbers shop, and bump into your boss? Center Fresh Advertisement HaircutThis is exactly what happened yesterday. I had not had a hair cut for a long time, and was beginning to look like the guy from the Centre fresh advertisement (No, Not exactly like that... I believe I am better looking). But, i hope you get the point.

The hair had grown too long and it was time to make another sacrifice at the altar, where all people,without exceptions, bow their heads at least once in their life time. I entered the shop and was being guided into the Non-A/C section, when, at the last moment, another guy asked me to step into the A/C section. As I was feeling the cool atmosphere inside the chamber of hair cuts, my eyes registered a familiar face, but, my mind pre occupied with other thoughts let it go by. It however did a double-take when it realised it was the Boss. There was an awkward moment when his eyes met mine,and, me being somewhat of a social recluse, couldn't muster any proper greetings. Somehow my lips curled upwards into what i thought was a smile, and as i took the seat proffered to me, managed a "Good Evening sir". I believe those three words did some magic, as the Boss gave me a wide smile and all was well with the world. A few minutes later, he finished with his hair cut and still beaming made an exit, leaving me wondering whether I could have come up with anything intelligent to discuss with him? Talking with Swathi a few minutes later over the telephone, I realised how good a communicator she is. I guess she would have brought the house down with a constant banter if she was ever in my situation.