Bleak prospects

Wednesday, November 08, 2006 Vishaal 0 Comments

From what appears from the mid-term poll in America, the Gulf War has doomed the prospects of Republicans’ hopes to enter the Senate, the House and the Governors’ post. It therefore means that the Bill on nuclear technology for India awaiting approval in the Senate must be presumed to die a natural death. This had become inevitable after the North Koreans had conducted nuclear tests.

The Americans giving India nuclear technology without having India sign the NPT was immoral. That is why North Korea taking a cue from the American and the Nuclear Supplier Group’s ambivalent stand over the NPT went ahead with testing the nuclear device. We think, with such double standards of America, Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia will also detonate nuclear bombs.

With the American public’s tolerance with the Gulf War having reached an end the Republican candidates are shying away from it from their campaign. It would be best for peace in Iraq to divide it into three parts — Shia, Sunni and Kurd, so that the American troops can be back home for their Christmas turkey dinners. They have done well but we must allow them to live and fight another day.

It would be wrong to extol the virtues of Saddam Hussain in keeping Iraq together. He was doing it but with massive human right violations. American intervention was thus imperative. But now it must end. If Iraq is divided into three states, fighting and civil strife will stop and the Americans will not feel humiliated as they did after their withdrawal from Vietnam, as partition of Iraq will give stability to the region and all three states will look up to America for its statesmanship.

Instability in West Asia will end. Only the Israelis will remain a problem and if Americans deal with them fairly and not pamper them, the Palestinian problem will also be solved.