Delhi Sealed !

Tuesday, November 07, 2006 Vishaal 0 Comments

The traders are holding the city to ransom. There attitude is 'my way or the highway.' They should work constructively rather than destructively. Attacking the city is not the way. This city is not just made up of traders there are lots of others also and such rampaging traders should be punished.

The sealing drive in the capital is completely justified. The traders along with all the other commercial establishments have hijacked the city. The residents also have a right to live peacefully. I don't need a shop selling cement and sand as my neighbours. However the additional shops and adequate commercial space should be created for the traders to carry out their livelihood. The government has to take a lead in this.

SC is abiding by the rules of the Nation. Government is supposed to maintain law and order under all circumstances. Loose approach as regards to rules and maintenance of law and order may adversely affect each and every one. After voting, the voted Government must stick the rules of the country, rather look forward to win voters for next election to maintain a victory for the party. Party should also fought for the country victory. Moreover no one wants to leave politics specially after reaching to ultimate height as at extreme height he gets all the facilities which person at the bottom can never imagine.

Law and order must prevail and no loss to public property. As political parties never bother, in case public properties are damaged, but what if their own properties, even political parties properties are put at risk. Rules must be framed this or that way i.e. either let loose and rules allowed to rule, which is only in the custody of Supreme Court. Political party while in Govt. could frame rules to woo voters, but sooner or later neither the voters remains stick to one party nor one political party remains stick to running a government all the times. All time prevalent rules and their implementation must be framed keeping all in confidence.

We must understand that if we want a developed National Capital, then such harsh majors have to be taken. If we call ourselves responsible citizens of Delhi, then we must accept our fault. SC orders doesn't comply to any individuals interests but to all citizens. If we want to rectify these past mistakes then it is the time before its too late. Why, in the first place, traders went opening illegal shops? You know this is illegal and you are wrong. Then why are you protesting the sealing which is correct.

I agree that MCD, govt. personnel, DDA all are culprit but that doesn't mean traders are justified. And if we want all this to be corrected, then we need a beginning. And that is what SC has done.

Traders did it all for their personal interests. And now they want to prove that they are social workers!! They must not be shown any mercy and those who are breaking down buses must be punished strongly.


Rajan said...

Can you tell me that what is the biggest crime in this whole earth ? If you least of the little brain you can easly answer. THE BIGGEST CRIME IS TO "KICK ON THE STOMACH" You should start fasting from right now to feel the pain of the traders.


"Kicking on traders' stomach" is just one side of the picture. This should not be an excuse for justifying illegality. It needs to be understood that not adhereing to the masterplan for Delhi will cost us much more- rise in temperature, horrible drainage system and so on, just as we have been seeing in Mumbai's case.
However I hope that these trders are given some alternative options so as to continue their business.

To the contrary, I somehow feel, that by being so arrogant and inconsiderate in their conduct traders are actually kicking on the somach of a large number of other Delhites who cannot go to work.

Dr.Vishaal Bhat said...

Each individual is entitled to his opinion. But we have to understand that the traders should have resorted to more peaceful methods rather than damaging government and private property, besides causing great angst to the residents of delhi and a waste to the economy.

@endeaouring evolution
Thanks for that opinion. I too believe that before the sealing commenced alternative arrangements should have been made to solve the traders concerns.(If it had already not been done)