Who is Ram Jethmalani?

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Who the hell is the Press to decide who is indefensible? Please don’t talk of this bullshit to me.

Ram Jethmalani.

  • Jethmalani has defended the killers of former prime minister Indira Gandhi.
  • He was also the defence lawyer of market scamsters like Harshad Mehta and Ketan Parekh.
  • He also fought, free of cost, the cases of the prime accused in the 2001 Parliament attack case Mohammed Afzal, Shaukat Hussain Guru and the Delhi University lecturer, S A R Geelani, who were awarded the death sentence.
  • He was also the defence lawyer of the Hinduja Brothers in the Bofors case.

If interpreters of the Law distort it to protect offenders, the Rule of the Gun is better. No case needed, no suffering for the victim's family...judgement of the Gun. And mad loonies like Jethmalani who are so high strung on their ego trip should also be lined up and shot. Its money that has filled up the lawyers sense of law and justice.

He is just trying to portray himself as a man of greater vision and impartial attitude. Maybe he is in love with himself and his image, cuz this is all about his image and not about defending anybody. Somebody tell him he is an ordinary person like anyone else and not the messaiah he wants to portray he is.One has to understand that when there was a crime committed then there should be some one convicted.

Instead of blaming Ram i would blame the the ones who were present at that unfortunate night in that bar,and who have no guts to come up and identify the accused.

Ram might be doing the correct thing by taking up a client, but before being a lawyer i would to remind him that he is a human first and as a human being he should first bring in good for the society. Just by studying some good books and using the same good knowledge to protect the bad,you wont attain any peace of mind. At the end i would like to express that as a lawyer his action is correct but as an individual citizen he is definitely on the wrong side.

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Jethmalani is right on media trial of Manu Sharma. Here is my take on it: