Hindus need a Mao, not a Gandhi

Wednesday, November 01, 2006 Vishaal 2 Comments

"Hindus are Cowards... Muslims are Bullies".. It's not me or Ashok Singhal or even Francois Gautier, the bravest original thinker from Europe who said it first.... this quote is attributed to none other than Mahatma Gandhi.

After Gandhi introduced the concept of self-abnegation in the guise of "tolerance", apparently realizing the above mentioned ultimate truth about Indian culture (Hindus are C and Muslims are B), our mostly HINDU politicians took this step a bit further to introduce a policy of minority "appeasement" through quotas, tax-payers funds for HAJ pilgrimages and other policies that we are painfully pretty much aware of.

We all know the reasons for their behavior - but don't wanna say it out loud.. Muslims are tougher and more organized than Hindus, who are usually divided in castes, regions, languages, etc. And politicians, a.k.a immoral pimps, just want to exacerbate such differences between us so that they can stay in power and earn money for dozens of generations of their children.

And so, the once glorious people, whose history talks about "sages who could travel in time", "warriors who could kill millions of people by reciting a mantra on the twig of a grass blade", can do nothing but now bitch about how Assam went on to have 30% Bangladeshi Muslim population or whine about how their holiest temples have been demolished and replaced by mosques and how they cannot even fight the extermination of their own Hindu brethren, in some parts of the country, from the face of the planet.

Hindus definitely started acting more like stupid pagans, that they have been branded as by Muslim invaders.. aka Kafirs... they act more like animals, rather the cows they stupidly still worship in villages.. time and again, they prove that they don't have the intellectual vibrancy or any trace of it left over from the Vedic civilization with their self-deprecating behavior and lack of a "community spirit". In fact, its hard to believe that they were once home to all that advanced knowledge and culture. At the same time, they do not even adapt to changing times like Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries have (which is a positive aspect).

What Hindus need is a MAO... one who can organize a revolution against Indian government and its policies in general and have the unflinching support of military to rule it in the best interests of the nation.Someone who can think clearly and act decisively without resorting to emotional foolishness in a cool, calculated way.

Someone who would've ordered Masood Azhar to be beheaded in public and not exchanging him for the lives of IC814 passengers.

Someone who wouldn't flinch on nuking Pakistan and raping the shit out of Bangladesh if they do not behave.

Someone who would've ensured that Nepal always remains a HINDU country.

Someone who can value merit and restore some sense of ethnic pride among a people who is SORELY lacking one.

MAO wasn't actually a communist, he was a HAN racialist just like Hitler was for Germans. Communism was just a guise to keep all his flock together. His supreme interest was in the benefit of the HAN race. And he merely followed Sun Tzu's famous doctrine of how to win wars from the "Art of War". He only fought those battles which he knew he could win and he made sure he wont them emphatically. He was brutal and cold-hearted, but an amazing, shrewd military general and not a pussy like our Vajpayee or Manmohan.

Now the Chinese have built railroads into Tibet, while we hold negotiations with Bangladesh on how castrating, amputating and killing Indian soldiers "hurt our feelings"... Our politicians have definitely made us the ultimate pussies in the world.

While Chinese hold American bonds in their kitty and have already treated as the "most favored nation" by US, India has to take the permission of tiny Sri Lanka to patrol waters of Indian ocean !

Chinese are even beginning to control the non-mid-eastern oil resources by investing billions and billions of dollars in Central Asia, Latin America and Africa defeating almost all Indian tenders, India cannot even take proactive steps to restore her own energy needs !

Chinese have launched manned shuttles into space, while India cannot even manufacture an SLBM and its IRBMs are already quite inferior, something that even Iran has managed !

If MAO was in charge of India during the partition era, the following things would've happened -

1. India would've been ethnically cleansed of Muslims. Mao murdered just about 80 million people who didn't fit in his vision of a reformed, modern China... but it eventually led to HAN being the strongest ethnic group in the world.

2. There would've been no Pakistan or Bangladesh. All Muslims would've been thoroughly Indianized.

3. Indians would've had a concept of ETHNIC pride, which we now lack as is clear in the way many of our kind shamelessly worship WHITE skinned people.

4. Indian subcontinent would be united and there would be the largest country in the world with 1.4 billion people and it would've been listened to very carefully in world matters, not ignored as it is now. India would've been an economic and military super power.

5. No more self-deception that lighter skinned olive complexioned north Indians are actually WHITE and of ARYAN ancestry while the rest of the country is of inferior DRAVIDIAN ancestry. That is the myth of ARYAN invasion wouldn't have been possible if we had a different sense of ethnic pride - about being Indian - and not northie or southie.

For the bad things -

1. There would be less freedom to act as you want - that implies, not just not being able to pee on temple walls, spit on every visible spot of a sidewalk and animals roaming busy city centres, but also less journalistic freedom.

2. More executions.. probably India would've a 10-15,000 people executed by state per year to keep up order among 1.4 billion people.

3. Spread of Christianity would've been checked, like in China, but not sure if it's entirely a bad thing.


  1. you're right brother. just wondering if our Supreme courts and Military get into a pact. That'll be a face saver.Oppurtunistic BJP joins the traders in Delhi and on the other side talks of being party with a difference.
    My hopes are totally gone. Plz don't talk about north indian pride when we have the Bihars & UPs. They are just another world in India.

  2. .Yes , this sounds good and i totally agree.

    But the most important reason why our H.society will never unite as one is our religion never says u should organize , should work together . It simply doest encourage
    unity, it's as if they dont care or dont think that's important .

    Our priests only talk of pooja's and not once have i heard or read any literature in our temples which talks about brother hood and unity among different castes and threats facing our community and
    told that we'll be safer and better if we are united and contribute to
    the community , about how we should work and contribute to make a stronger and united community . Where as in other religions they focus a lot on discussing these very important as it is the spirit of unity and community welfare that makes the whole structure stronger, we dont even care to give it any attention at all .

    We are always told that you goto a temple so your wishes are fulfilled by praying to God , and to please him u should fast , bribe him . To nullify
    your and your family's bad Karma you should do this that etc etc .
    Never is a single word mentioned that says you should do this for the betterment of your community which inturn will benefit you .

    ours is the only Religion ,where the place of Religious gathering is
    not used at all for the betterment of those who follow it as a whole and
    the community itself , We goto temples as individuals and come out as
    individuals pray as individuals and follow the religion as a family at
    the most never as a community .