Bloody Indians ! We Finally Get It Right ! !

Friday, November 17, 2006 Vishaal 0 Comments

Bloody Indians! is what Angelina Jolie's bodyguards reportedly said to the parents, whom they abused and manhandled. And imagine, these are the same people, the Pune police (obviously Indians) had provided them with Y Class security even though they are a Nobody!

This can happen only in India that an outsider can come and call us Bloody Indians and the police standing will listen patiently. What would happen if an Indian had done the same in the US or UK. Remember a few years ago, post 9/11 when our then defence minister Mr.George Fernandes was asked to strip down at a US airport! When a person of that repute can be asked to do a thing which is against protocol, I believe an ordinary Indian would maybe have jailed if he had called the security at the airport 'Bloody Americans'.

Please tell me, who is Angelina Jolie!! What is the claim to fame of jolie, other than being perceived as sexy?? An emaciated Jolie by any Indias standard is no beauty queen to throw so many tantrums. What the heck ! Give a close look at Angelina & another one to any of Ash, Rani, Riya etc, etc. Its always been like this. We always bend down on our knees for the fair skinners.

If she feels she is so insecure in the outside world she better stay at home.And then i wonder about all the drama of being a UN ambassador. Angelina and UN Goodwill Ambasador, doesn't that sound a bit weird? How is she going to gain any goodwill if she and her bodyguards are not prepared to interact with people. If she values her privacy then she should have sat at home and done washin, cooking & mopping before deciding to jump into acting bandwagon.

The school authorities are to be blamed for all this and should also be put behind bars. How can they allow shooting during school timings thereby endangering school children's lives and making a fast buck out of it. They should have done it on a weekly off(Sunday) if they were so hard pressed for money.

Indian police for the first time has taken the right action on the appropriate time by arresting the three men. But i guess nothing is going to happen after this. The British Embassy will take this with our govt and our Indian govt will be more than happy to release them (Recollect: Purulia arms drop case??).