My Delhi Trip - Part 1

Monday, January 11, 2010 Vishaal 2 Comments

Yet another trip to delhi for my post-graduate entrance examinations. This time was different from all my previous trips as i was travelling alone, rather than with friends, as all of them had gone throught the grind and obtained a seat. Travelling with friends i had some good memories. Hence i was downcast this time around.

Two days prior to the trip, I got it confirmed that I would be staying at the GSB Sanskriti Bhavan, New Rajendra Nagar. We had stayed in Delhi for two years, when dad had got transferred there. Our house was at Old Rajendra Nagar , a 10 minute walk from the Sanskriti bhavan. My parents had done some service for the community when thay were there and so it was not a problem for me to get accomodation for a day there.

I had booked Railway tickets about a month and a half prior to my travelling date, yet i was waitlisted for the journey. My Ticket had been booked from Udupi and i had to get it changed so that i could board at Thivim, Goa.


  1. Just wanted to ask if GSB Sanskriti Bhavan can accomodate any GSB or those who have done some service? because I am also planning to visit Delhi with my parents.

  2. Hi Somesh, It accomodates all GSBs. Needn't have done any service.