The Trip To Udupi

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Gokul (our driver) arrived at 8 in the morning. The journey was very pleasant with good cloud cover with a cool breeze. After a long time we were traveling together, Dad, Mom and my sister Namrata and I was enjoying it. Namrata kept up a steady commentary on anything and everything which irked papa very much, but kept mom and me in splits. She got to talk to us after a long time and was making good use of the opportunity.

As always when we travel on this route, we had our breakfast at Kamath Hotel in Margao. As usual dad had his plate of Wada. I was itching to dive the car but dad did not let me.

We filled up the tank at the last petrol station in goa as petrol is cheaper by around Rs. 5 per liter compared to Karnataka.

On the way we called up Yashodha Pachchi ( Pachchi = Maternal aunt) and informed her that we will be stopping for lunch at their place but might be a bit late. The roads were in horrible condition but since the traffic was very light we were able to maintain a good average speed throughout and reachedSaligrama at 2:15 pm. On the way we stopped at byndoor so that mom could have some tender coconut water. Here I took over driving for some time, and, though dad did not think so, drove well.

We had lunch at Saligrama and stayed there upto 4:30 pm in the evening. Then set off for Udupi and Viju pachchi's home. On the way we called up Raghunath bappa, Viju Pachchi's husband regarding how to get there as the approach road to their home was under repair. We were asked to take a roundabout.... And even then were supposed to travel a short distance by foot. Hence we were provided with alternate accomodation nearby.

We decided to visit my paternal relatives in the evening and also attend the pre wedding preparations. Unfortunately they were being held elsewhere in Hebri. We went to my mhantu's place in manipal. Met almost everybody from my fathers side there. Had food there and returned to our temporary residence in Udupi. Slept by 10:30 as we had to wake up early for the wedding.

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