The 54 hour Journey - Part 1

Monday, January 11, 2010 Vishaal 0 Comments

This trip i took three years ago. I was in a rut and nothing seemed to be getting me out of it. Was struggling with the various post-graduate entrance examinations.

On 6th May 2004, I left Belgaum for New Delhi to attempt the AIIMS Post graduation entrance examinations. This was my third attempt here and already I was a bit weary of the traveling. [I do like to travel, but, for leisure and not for work :-P)].

The journey to Delhi was uneventful except for the fact that Dr.Herekar, a colleague and dear friend of mine, was traveling on someone else's ticket on a false identity. Generally knowing that students make their 6 monthly pilgrimage to the holy grail of all Post graduate examinations during this period, the Railway ticket Checking squads are very active. Since most of the students book tickets at the last moment and some drop out, a lot of them travel on some one else's identity, making it a field day for the squad.

Luckily for Herekar, since only two of us were booked together, the TTE's did not notice us and unfortunately pounced on a larger group traveling in the block next to ours. They were some of our colleagues and two of them were traveling on others' tickets. After much haggling and threats they coughed up a hefty sum and vowed that not again would they travel under false names.

We reached Delhi on the morning of 8th May on time and straightaway put up at the Saraswath Mandir , New Rajendra nagar.

The examination on 9th went away as usual and considering that I had not prepared at all went quite well. after the examination we had an entire day to ourselves, and decided to do some shopping. The only place close by I knew was the Karol Bagh area, so off we went. Herekar was in the forefront as usual with a long list of electronic gadgetry he wanted to purchase of the cheap flea market there.  In the end he did not purchase anything.

While returning we bought a pair of trousers for ourselves, after i had bought one which i fell in love with on first sight.