Will there be war?

Thursday, January 28, 2010 Vishaal 0 Comments

There is an ever increasing coverage of skirmishes along the international border between India and Pakistan. With the recent statement by the Pakistan prime minister about his nation’s inability to prevent further 26/11 like attacks on India, these skirmishes could be construed as further confirmation of that nation’s blatant disregard for peace with India. The Pakistan foreign policy has always been double faced! On one hand they speak of dialogues as the only solution for the border disputes and on the other hand they try to test India’s patience with terrorism and violation of the cease fire agreement. The entire global community notes that India is an aggrieved country vis-à-vis Pakistan, but does nothing to support New Delhi.

A country as irresponsible as Pakistan finds support in the global superpower that is the USA. The policy of appeasement of Pakistan by USA is in direct contradiction to its war against terror. The United States does agree that Pakistan is a hot bed of terrorism, yet supplies it with arms and monetary benefits. The Americans offering a peace deal to Taliban (the supposed good Taliban as opposed to the Bad Taliban? Duh!) is like feeding a snake. If the people of Afghanistan and those staying in the bordering Pakistan areas were asked, they would reply that there is no good or bad Taliban. Yet these fanatics are being offered the peace pipe, monetary benefits and also jobs in the government! Agreed that peaceful resettlement is the only solution to a healthy global environment, but peace should be an option only if all parties are level minded, the Taliban are fanatics and lunatics and only want chaos – a la the Joker in the previous Batman movie.

China is another country which has been creating problems for India. They speak of dialogue and friendship with India, yet eye us with suspicion despite our continued stand of non-aggression. They have been continuously expanding their territory through minor infractions along the vast Indo-China border. If China is really serious about its peaceful intentions with India, it should start by returning the land Pakistan ‘gifted’ it – The Aksai Chin. Also it should stop its expansionist agenda in the North-east along the Arunachal border. India has already done its part by recognizing the futility of the Dalai Lama’s call for a free Tibet and agreeing that Tibet as of today is a part of the Chinese. Further, reports of the Chinese hacking into the Indian defense computers and also the NSA computers is very disturbing and further highlights the two-facedness of Chinese policy towards India. Many Indians were beginning to perceive the Chinese as a friendly Asian nation despite the Indo-China war of 1965. However that image is now being replaced by that of a cold blooded reptile that bites the hand of friendship.

The Government of India so far hasn’t been very keen to highlight these aspects to the country as such, perhaps, still believing that these are only passing phases. But the reality as projected by the Army in recent times, is that India is very ill prepared if these countries decide to make a push against India. India also cannot rely on its usual allies any more. Russia cannot be considered a friendly state anymore, with their shift in policy these days. India hasn’t still obtained the warship it had been promised by the Russians almost 2 decades ago. The Sukhoi aircraft supplied have begun to fall apart with no word on replacement or service.