The Day before the Trip

Monday, January 11, 2010 Vishaal 0 Comments

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The day before the trip was frustrating as mom made a lot of fuss about carrying food and water and stuff like that.When I was in Belgaum with friends, I never gave a thought to all these things.We would just concentrate on studying and would worry about the food and water along the way.

My ticket was not yet confirmed and mom was very much worried about that. When you know people in High places in the Railways in India, you can get many things done. One of my Uncles (Some distant relative of my mothers) is one such person. He is a divisional superintendent or some such thing, one call to him, and i had jumped from being waitlisted to a confirmed status within minutes.

If I had been in Belgaum, I would'nt have given a thought to the waitlisted status and woul have gotten on to the train anyways, adjusting with my friends. Though I have never had to face such a situation.

I was then made to pack up my bag and was forced to stuff a lot of eatables and some other stuff I would never have thought of carrying along.
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