Obama - A failure in the First Year

Thursday, January 21, 2010 Vishaal 0 Comments

The Audacity of hope is fading fast. A nation that was brought together with the mantra of ‘Yes we can’ is fast getting polarized against the present Democrat government, which, is now stuck in a mire of its own making. Barack Obama by his own standards is falling. Extensive back door lobbying is bringing back images of the dark era of the Bush regime. The very same things that brought down the Bush regime are taking ground in the present administration. The recent victory of the Republican senator from a democrat stronghold – Ed Kennedy’s home- is a case in point that the people are fast losing hope in the present administration.

The foreign policy is at best a muddle. Obama promised to close down a prison, withdraw troops and stop a war. None of this is happening. The prison continues to exist well past its closing deadline, the troops are still in foreign territory and the war continues with renewed intensity. Is this what Obama’s legacy will be? Can he rise above the challenges? Did he bite of more than he can chew?